L20 Site Panel Manners

Please note that NOBODY is exempt from moderation. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve followed, if you’re subbed, if you’ve donated/cheered or the amount. If you break the rules, you’ll be held accountable regardless.

Racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. is not welcome in my community. You treat people as people, and you treat others how you would want to be treated. This also goes for referring to people as AIDS/cancer/autism/retarded/etc. My son is on the spectrum and the use of autism as an insult is my biggest pet peeve. Breaking this rule is a no-warning irreversible ban.

The community/channel is for 18 and over. I play games that are rated M, I have a huge potty-mouth and sometimes we discuss adult topics. If you reveal that you’re underage, you’ll be irreversibly banned.

My channel is not for political/religious discussion. I stream games, not debates. If you are more focused on politics/religion than gaming, then perhaps my channel is not for you. There are plenty of wonderful channels that welcome and encourage discussion of those topics.

We all have bad days and sometimes we need to vent. That being said, I’m not a therapist, so I can’t give you the help you may need. Also, do not threaten self-harm or harm of others. Please seek professional help if you are considering either of those.

Do not come in just to post a link to your stream/channel or ask for people to follow you. We have a self-promotion channel in the Discord server for that. There is a streaming channel in the Discord server for that discussion. You get one warning.

Do not metagame (discussing information that my roleplay character could not know), backseat (giving me specific game instructions – I’ll ask if needed), or stream snipe me (using my stream to locate me in a game that you are playing with me to your advantage or purposes). You get one warning and one warning only.

I play multiplayer games, which means I come into contact with other streamers from time to time, and sometimes there’s trash talk. However, I keep my trash-talk in-game. Do NOT go to their stream to antagonize them on my behalf. I don’t need an army to fight my battles, and I can actually get in TROUBLE for that. You will be banned for doing this.

If you ever need to discuss something with me privately, please don’t hesitate, especially if you are feeling threatened or harassed.