The Stream

I originally started streaming on Twitch in July of 2017 under the name LuckyFreckle. I became affiliated a year later in July of 2018 and changed my name to ItsLuckyBTW in October of 2019. While the name LuckyFreckle did mean something to me, I felt that it didn’t truly suit me, which is something I definitely feel with the new moniker!

I tend to stream a variety of games with the main game typically being Dead by Daylight. However, you’ll find The Sims, Sea of Thieves, Farm Together, and a multitude of other games also. On the first Friday of every month, I stream Dead by Daylight drinking games with friends, and from time to time, there will be art and photo-editing streams!

While I’m a friendly and welcoming person, I am also fairly sassy and sarcastic. I also don’t put up with bullshit, especially the kind that leads to “cancel culture” and other childish online antics. In my community, we only judge game play.