War Rolls

In your typical Decades Challenge rules, wars are treated as a 50/50 life or death, with the death being via Cowplant, and the war would start at the beginning of that decade.

I chose not to roll that way. I waited until the year of said conflict (or the year that the U.S. started sending troops into conflict), then made a couple of rolls. Those rolls were done with different dice and based on various war percentages, such as casualties, injuries, mental trauma, etc. and again, my percentages were based on American casualties and injuries. Something else I added was an exception for siblings. If there were siblings serving in the same war, the death of one would automatically cause the other sibling to return home as well. The surviving sibling would automatically gain a mental trauma trait as they lost their sibling to war. Sending the surviving sibling home would enable him to continue the family line and carry on the family name.

Life, Death, or Injury Roll: The first roll was to determine whether the sim lived, died, or was injured. If the roll landed in a casualty zone, the sim died in the war and a bonus roll would then take place (Casualty Cause Roll). If the roll landed in a survival zone, the sim survives, but needs to roll a second time for any potential mental trauma (Mental Trauma Roll) from the war. If the roll landed in an injury zone, the sim was then injured in the war, comes home immediately, and automatically has mental trauma, which would then be rolled for. For this roll, I used two ten-sided dice, one 0-9, the other 00-90 to create percentile rolls.

World War I (1914-1918): 3% casualties (rolling 1-3 is death), 7% wounded (rolling 4-11 is wounded), leaving a roll of 12-100 as surviving the war.

World War II (1941-1945): 3% casualties (rolling 1-3 is death), 6% wounded (rolling 4-10 is wounded), leaving 11-100 as surviving the war.

Korea (1950-1953): 2% casualties (rolling 1-2 is death), 6% wounded (rolling 3-9 is wounded), leaving 10-100 as surviving the war.

Vietnam (1965-1973): 2% casualties (rolling 1-2 is death), 11% wounded (rolling 3-14 is wounded), leaving 15-100 as surviving.

Gulf War (1990-1991): 1% (rolling a 1 is death), 1% casualties (rolling a 2 is wounded), 3-100 is surviving.

OEF/OIF: These wars are technically “over”, but there are still forces in both countries, and plenty who still feel the effects, whether physically or mentally. I did the best I could with regard to statistics, but these will be the most inaccurate of all the wars. Also, the sims came home when the bigger troop withdrawals began. For Iraq, that was 2007-2010. For Afghanistan, that was 2011.

OEF (2001-2011): 2% casualties (rolling 1-2 is death), 21% wounded (rolling 3-24 is wounded), leaving 25-100 as surviving.

OIF (2003-2007 thru 2010): 3% casualties (rolling 1-3 is death), 21% wounded (rolling 4-25 is wounded), leaving 26-100 as surviving.

Casualty Cause Roll: If the first roll was a casualty, the second roll determines whether the sim died via combat or disease. This would affect their death in game. Combat would be death by anger, disease would be death by poison. Like the first roll, I also used two-ten sided dice. I would recommend doing 50/50 with this since accurate statistics were hard to find. Rolls of 1-50 would be death by combat and rolls of 51-100 would be death by disease.

Mental Trauma Roll: If the sim survives the war, this roll determines whether or not they developed a mental trauma due to war. If the roll is successful for mental trauma, a bonus roll is made to determine the mental trauma trait that the sim receives. Like the other rolls, I used two ten-sided dice. Remember that if a sim is injured in a war, they roll for a mental trauma trait automatically. The traits are:

  1. Gloomy
  2. Hot-Headed
  3. Clumsy
  4. Erratic
  5. Lazy
  6. Mean
  7. Non-Commital

I would just roll a D8 (8-sided die) and re-roll if it lands on 8. The rolled trait should be applied to your sim when they arrive home from war.


Should I Use An App to Roll?

Programs are just that. Programs. It will get the job done if you don’t have any dice, but I’d recommend getting the dice and rolling it yourself. It’s a lot more fun (and nerve-wracking) when the fate of your sims is in YOUR hands, not left to the mercy of a computer program, which may or may not make authentically chancy rolls. That’s just me though.


What Dice Do You Recommend?

I high recommend these dice:

Two D10s, one with 0-9, one with 00-90. These two will make up your 0-100 percentile rolls.

D8 for rolling mental trauma traits. Of course, should more traits appear with new packs that would be suitable for mental trauma, you could use your 0-9 D10, or even go so far as a D12. Up to you!

D4. Like rolling dice? You could skip randomizing your traits in the game, and roll them yourself! There are 4 categories of traits, so the D4 would choose your category, and then of course depending on the category it picks, you could use anything from a D6 to a D12 to choose the traits (especially if you’re using one of those trait mods).

D20. It’s a D20. Everyone needs a D20. Everyone.

Read more about dice here.

Have any questions, comments, or ideas? Please feel free to let me know below!

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