This page is for tracking the breeds I have and the ones I need to complete. Completed breeds will be in bold.

CB means “cave born” – they’re first of their lineage. Summoned means they were not found in the cave or bred, but summoned with the powers of other dragons. There are a couple of breeds that can only be summoned, just like there are a couple of breeds that can only be bred, and not found in the cave. PB means “pure bred” – they were bred with their own breed. Spiral – the lineage forms a spiral. Checker – the lineage is a checkboard.

All of my CB dragons, as well as any dragons I breed from CB dragons have the surname “Clover“.

Year Round Breeds

Aeon Wyvern – CB

Aeria Gloris – need female

Aether Wyvern – CB

Albino – CB

Almerald – CB

Anagallis – CB

Antarean – CB

Aqualis – CB

Aranoa – CB

Aria – CB

Ash – need female

Avatar of Change – Summoned

Avatar of Creation – need one

Avatar of Destruction – Summoned

Avea Pygmy

Azure Glacewing – CB

Baikala Blue – need both

Baikala Green – need both

Balloon – CB

Bauta – need female

Black – CB

Black Capped Teimarr – CB

Black Tea – CB

Black Truffle – need female

Blacktip – CB

Blancblack – CB

Bleeding Moon – CB

Blue-Banded – CB

Blusang Lindwyrm – CB

Bolt – CB

Boreal – need female

Bright-Breasted Wyvern – CB

Brimstone – CB

Brute – CB

Candelabra – CB

Canopy – CB

Carina – need both

Carmine Wyvern – CB

Cassare – CB

Celestial – CB

Coastal Waverunner – CB

Common Pygmy – CB


Liver of Sulfur – CB

– Rainbow – need female

Verdigris – CB

Coral Pygmy Wyvern – need both

Crimson Flare Pygmy – CB

Dark Green – CB

Dark Lumina – CB

Dark Myst Pygmy – CB

Day Glory Drake – CB

Daydream – CB

Deep Sea – CB

Diamondwing – CB


Purple – CB

Red – CB

Duotone – CB

Dusk Pygmy – need both

Electric – CB

Ember – CB

Falconiform Wyvern – CB

Fell – CB

Fever Wyvern – CB

Fire Gem

Blue – CB

Green – CB

Red – CB

Flamingo Wyvern – CB

Floret Wyvern – need female

Freckled – need male

Frilled – CB

Frostbite – CB

Galvanic Wyvern – need both

Geminae – need both


Azure Blue – CB

– Jade Green – need male

– Ruby Red – need female

Geode – 2nd Gen.

Gilded Bloodscale – CB

Glaucus Drake – CB

Glowback Pygmy – need both

Gold – CB

Gold-Horned Tangar – CB

Golden Wyvern – CB

Greater Spotted Drake – CB

Green – CB

Guardian – CB

Guardian of Nature – Summoned

Harvest – CB

Hellfire Wyvern – CB

Hellhorse – 2nd Gen.

Honey Drake – CB

Hooktalon – CB

Horse – CB

Howler Drake – CB

Ice – CB

Imperial Fleshcrowne – CB

Khusa – need male

Kingcrowne – CB

Kovos Pygmy – need both

Kyanite Pygmy – CB

Lacula – need female

Leodon – need male

Lihnseyre – need female

Lumina – CB

Luminox Wyvern – need female

Lunar Herald

Bronze – CB

Gold – CB

– Indigo – need male

Silver – CB

Magelight Pygmy – CB

Magi – CB

Magma – CB

Mariner Pygmy – need both

Melismor – need male

Mimic Pygmy – need female

Mint – CB

Misfit Pygmy – CB

Monarch – CB

Moonstone – CB

Morphodrake – CB


Blue Female – CB

Green Male – CB

Purple Male – CB

Red Female – CB

Neglected – need one

Neotropical – CB

Nexus – CB

Nhiostrife Wyvern – CB

Night Glory Drake – CB

Nilia Pygmy – CB

Noctourne – CB

Ochredrake – CB

Olive – CB

Pillow – CB

Pink – CB

Pipio Pygmy – need both

Plated Colossus – CB

Purple – CB


Almandine – CB

–  Pyrope – CB

Spessartine – CB

Pyrovar – need female

Razorcrest Wyvern – need both

Red – CB

Red-finned Tidal – CB

Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy – need both

Ridgewing – CB

Rift Wyrm – need male

Risensong – need both

Royal Blue – CB

Royal Crimson – CB

Sandwaste – CB

Sapphire – CB

Scimitar-wing Wyvern – need male

Script – need female


Autumn – CB

Spring – CB

Summer – CB

Winter – CB

Seawyrm Pygmy – CB

Seragamma Wyvern – CB

Setsong Dragon – need both

Shallow Water – 2nd Gen.

Silver – CB

Sinni Krai – need male

Siyat – need male

Skysilk – need both

Skywing – CB

Soulpeace – 2nd Gen.

Speckle-Throated – CB

Spinel Wyvern – need female

Spirit Ward – CB

Spitfire – CB

Split – CB

Spotted Greenwing – CB

Stone – CB

Storm – CB

Storm-Rider – need both


– Black – need both

– Blue – need male

– Green – need both

– Red – need both

White – CB

Striped River – CB

Sunset – CB

Sunrise – CB

Sunsong Amphiptere – CB

Sunstone – CB

Swallowtail – CB

Tarantula Hawk Drake – CB

Tatterdrake – need male

Tercorn – CB

Terrae – CB

Tetra – CB

Thunder – CB

Tri-Horn Wyvern – CB

Tsunami Wyvern – CB

Turpentine – CB

Two-Finned Bluna – 2nd Gen.

Two-headed Lindwyrm

Green – CB

Purple – CB

Ultraviolet – 2nd Gen.

Undine – CB

Vampire – Bitten

Vremya Drake – need both

Water – CB

Water Walker – CB

Waterhorse – CB

Whiptail – CB

White – CB


Astrapi – CB

– Chrono – need female

– Gaia – need male

Mageia – CB

– Thalassa – need male

Yellow-Crowned – CB


– Alpine – need both

– Coast – need female

– Desert – need both

– Forest – need both

– Jungle – need both

Volcano – CB


Holiday Breeds

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day dragons are special holiday dragons that can only be caught from the cave on Valentine’s Day and a couple of days following. Previous Valentine’s dragons can be bred for more Valentine’s Day eggs during that time of year, usually a week or two prior to the holiday. There is a limit of two of each Valentine’s breed per scroll.


Valentine – 2nd Gen. x 2

Sweetling – 2nd Gen. x 3

Rosebud – CB x 2

Heartseeker – CB x 2

Arsani – CB x 2

Radiant Angel – CB x 2

Heatstealing – 2nd Gen. x 2

Mutamore – CB x 2

Soulstone – CB x 2

Floral-Crowned – need 2

Sakuhana Wyvern – CB x 2



Halloween dragons are special holiday dragons that can only be caught from the cave on Halloween and a couple days following. Previous Halloween dragon breeds can be bred for more Halloween eggs during that time of year, usually a week or two prior to the holiday. There is no limit for Halloween dragons on a scroll.


Pumpkin – 2nd Gen. PBs

Black Marrow – 2nd Gen.

Shadow Walker – CB

Cavern Lurker – CB

Grave – CB

Desipis – CB

Caligene – CB

Witchlight – CB x 4

Omen Wyrm – need both

Arcana Dragon – need both

Kohraki Dragon – need both



Christmas dragons are special holiday dragons that can only be caught from the cave on Christmas and a couple of days following. Previous Christmas dragons can be bred for more Christmas eggs during that time of year, usually a week or two prior to the holiday. There is a limit of two of each Christmas breed per scroll.


Holly – CB x 2

Yulebuck – 2nd Gen. x 3

Snow Angel – CB x 2

Ribbon Dancer – CB x 2

Winter Magi – CB x 2

Wrapping-Wring – CB x 2

Solstice – CB x 2

Mistletoe – CB x 2

Aegis – CB x 2

Snow – CB x 2

Garland – CB x 2

Starsinger – CB x 2


Prize Dragons

Prize dragons were originally gifted after holidays, such as the tree decorating event of 2010, a raffle in 2011, snow fort raffle in 2013, etc. There are now monthly raffles held where these prize dragons can be won.

There is a Pink alt of the Tinsel named “Penk” which belongs to the spriter of the Tinsel dragon which could lend some value to the lineage of a dragon that has Penk in the line.

There is an alt of the Shimmer-scale named Jewel which belongs to the spriter of the Shimmer-scale dragon which could lend some value to the lineage of a dragon that has Jewel in the line.


Shimmer-scale – Gold (9th Gen), Silver (7th Gen.), and Bronze (5th, 6th, and 5th Gens.)

Tinsel – Gold (4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th Gens.), Silver (9th, and 7th [Penk Alt] Gens.), and Bronze (7th, 8th, 4th, and 5th Gens.)



Thuweds are a special lineage that trace back to the site creator’s dragons. These are considered valuable, especially the closer they are to 2nd Generation.


Morning Daydream Thuwed (5th Generation Daydream)

Special Rune Thuwed (very  messy 6th Generation Magi)

Magic Star Thuwed (5th Generation Magi)

Morning Aurora Thuwed (5th Generation Sunrise)

Sweet Egg Thuwed (3rd Generation Sunsong)

Watery Dusk Thuwed (5th Generation Waterhorse)