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Hey y’all! I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your 2020! I wanted to make a post about my Conan Exiles role play character, as there’s a bit of backstory to her, and given my past with role play, I wanted to talk about her name, why she dresses the way she does, etc. etc.

So, my first experience in any sort of role play was text based. And we’re talking like 20 some odd years ago, back when MSN Groups and MSN Chat were popular. That’s actually where I met my husband. We met when our characters met. Funny, huh?

Anyway, my first character’s name was Gany, short for Ganymede. She was a demi-goddess, and a protector of animals. She had two half-sisters who were also demi-goddesses, each one in charge of something. Lunah was protector of plants, and Moonstone was protector of humans. Gany was the one I RP’ed with the most, however. Now, their mother was a celestial goddess named Astra, and she had affairs with many mortal men, so none of the sisters share a father. Gany’s father was unknown to her, she never located him or found out who she was. Gany was left to a mortal couple and she was raised as such, but they did notice that she could seemingly communicate with animals to a point that made them believe that she wasn’t quite all mortal. She comes to learn of her real mother years and years later, and has always clashed with her mother.

So certain things about Gany was that she dressed in all white, she was pretty fair-skinned with black hair and green eyes, and she had a large affinity for animals. Now, a couple years after RP’ing with her, I played my first MMO which was EverQuest 2. I made a character named Gany, and if you know anything about crafting in EQ2, there is a crafting profession called provisioner, which is basically a maker of food/drink. So that’s what profession I had for Gany.

Fast forward to now, I’ve created a character named Gani, fair-skinned, black hair, green eyes, and dresses in white (a call back to my first RP character). The only difference between the two characters is that while Gany was their protector, Gani is actually pretty wary of them. She’s never really had contact with them in a friendly way. Gani is also a “chef” so to speak, and has now opened a provisions shop – a call back to my EQ2 character.

Gani, unlike Gany, is not a demi-goddess. Her parents were both slaves, so Gani was born into slavery herself and spent the first couple decades of life learning the art of cooking from her mother, and some woodworking/building type things from her father. The master was a largely repulsive man, very harsh, and a sadist. At one point, he killed Gani’s parents. He killed Gani’s mother first, to torment Gani’s father. After which, he ended his life as well. He had taken Gani to bed many times, but his mistake was that he took her to his bed the same night he killed her parents. Grieving, traumatized, wholly pissed off, he did his deed and fell asleep quickly, and she notices a skinning knife nearby.

She slit his throat. She watched him die, made sure that he knew it was her, and she took a good amount of pleasure from it. She was hauled away by guards, she was whipped, she was then told to speak for herself, as if they wanted her to confess or say why or beg forgiveness, but she told those who judged her that she would do it again a thousand times over to be rid of his despicable existence. She was whipped again, then fastened to a cross, spit on and left to die, and she willingly accepted her fate. She felt that death would be the ultimate release and path back to being reunited with her parents.

However she awoke, still alive, the cross shattered on the ground next to her. She believes that she was given a chance at a life of freedom and she is taking full advantage of it. So she’s built herself a treehouse along the river, has opened a provisions shop, and has been meeting some new people. However, there’s a small darkness in her from her murderous act and she still has some trouble processing that entire day/night from her past. She feels like the spirit of the master follows her, and could almost swear that she sees him from time to time. Sometimes she’ll claim to hear his laugh.

Otherwise, Gani is relatively intelligent, skilled in cooking and in some aspects of building, but is reserved and not a complete social butterfly. She prefers to observe those around her. She does not abide by slavery given her past experiences and doesn’t believe in the notion of land ownership. She has an affinity for the elements and nature itself, which is why her home is in a tree. She will not incite needless conflict, but will respond and defend as necessary. While many of her fellows worship various gods, she worships the moon.

Here are a couple pictures of her shop and tree house! The server I RP on is TheNorthlandsRP – run by Everleigh, which now has a website!

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