Stream Preview | January

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whether you celebrated or not, and I’m so excited to talk about what’s coming to the stream in January!

Last month, I decided to take a bit of a vacation from streaming. With the holidays coming up and various projects I had to complete, I needed that break away so I could get everything done. I had to do more emotes for my husband, as well as tweak his badges, complete his overlay, and create a video for his NoPixel character. Then, I had to work on my own design as well, and that’s not even including everything that we had to do for Christmas!

Now, 2020 is almost here, and I will be streaming again starting January 1st! That being said, I have a few things I want to share regarding channel changes!

New Design

I’ve changed my design again. Look, I fall in love with various looks and themes, so design changes continue to happen as the channel and myself continue to grow and evolve. I am really loving this design though, so it may stay for longer than designs usually do!

The design heralds a return of the clover, comic book font, and introduces a pink/purple gradient.

L20 Twitter Header
Twitter header

Emote Changes

I’ve replaced a couple of the emotes with others. The Tier 3 “200 IQ” emote has been replaced with the clover logo. The Tier 1 “Clip It” emote has been replaced with a wave/hi emote that I drew a few months back!

New Sub/Bit Badges!

I’ve changed the sub badges to various pastel colors of the clover logo, and have added hand-drawn pastel hearts as bit badges!

L20 Sub BadgesL20 Bit Badges

New Alerts!

With the holidays being pretty much over, I’ve removed the festive alerts, and have replaced them with meme alerts! You’ll have to trigger the alerts to find out what they are!

Channel Points!

Our Streamelements currency is called “luck” and is what’s used to redeem for Holiday cards and post cards. However, Twitch did introduce its own channel points, which I’ve named “luck bucks” to separate those points from the Streamelements currency. I’ve also added a couple of custom rewards to the Twitch channel points:

  1. Ask Alexa – I’ll ask Alexa the question of your choice.
  2. Play a Song – Play the song of your choice.
  3. 24 Hour VIP Badge – Receive the VIP badge for 24 hours!


I created a new YouTube channel a couple months ago after my username change, and my plan for 2020 is to devote a little more time to adding content to the channel. Dead by Daylight matches, Sims 4 builds, and other stuff!

Now that all the new changes have been revealed, time to get into January proper. What’s coming to the stream in January!


Drunk by Daylight – January 3rd starting at 8pm US Eastern!


  • Dead by Daylight
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Halo: Reach
  • The Sims 4


Valentine’s Day cards will be available for redemption with your Streamelements currency starting January 1st!

Thanks so much for your patience while I’ve been away, and for continuing to support me and the channel! I’m so excited to see you and get back to the games!

L20 Site Signature

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