The Sims 4 | Gallery to be Cross Platform | Grinches and Scrooges Appear

If you use The Sims 4 Gallery in any capacity, you likely know that it’s strictly PC. That’s changing in 2020.

Today it was announced that not only would console be getting The Gallery, but that it would be cross platform, bringing the different platforms together to share their creations in one place. That’s a massive step for The Sims, as well as for the community. And of course, as you would expect, there was a very vocal minority who lacked common sense and common courtesy.

As the announcement happens in the Twitch VOD, you see a sudden shift, from excitement, to disappointment, to anger from quite a few who were viewing at the time. Of course the announcement tweet from SimGuruFrost of course brings in several Grinch and Scrooge wannabes, angry about the “wording” of the announcement, and who feel that their time was “wasted”.

Scrooge 1

Scrooge 2

Scrooge 3

Let’s just get this out of the way now.

For one, The Sims isn’t only on PC. The Sims has been on console for years, and as more and more games go into cross platform, it’s only natural that The Sims will find a way to do so.

For two, this is a massive step forward for The Sims community as a whole. Bringing together PC and console to share creations via the Gallery is HUGE. There should not be ONE unhappy person about this. I imagine there are plenty of talented builders and creators on console. Give them a chance to shine on the gallery as well.

For three, we are really going to whine about the “wording” of an announcement stream? A stream that was only 30 minutes long? You could have waited, watched the VOD and skipped through the things you didn’t want to see. When you don’t have the time, that’s what you do. If you don’t want your time wasted, don’t watch it live.

For four, the stream didn’t just hold that one announcement. That stream also had some updates about Mobile, but also info about the next round of voting for the next stuff pack, as well as peaks at some art styles. That wasn’t a “waste” given the amount of excitement in chat as it happened.

For five, the gallery going cross-platform affects not only console, but PC as well. This affects the community as a whole, and will likely better the community. Console players will get to see, download, and play with homes/sims that were created on PC, and vice versa. There is 100% NOTHING wrong with that.

Just be honest with yourself. You’re not mad at the “wording.” You’re mad because this time around, the announcement didn’t revolve around you.

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