For Love of Magic | Sunset

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Book of Shadows | Journal | Entry 3 | Sunday | Winter | Year 1

I feel so refreshed. A daytrip is exactly what I had needed.


It happened on a whim. I had my usual Friday sale (which was very successful by the way, the most profit I’d made so far), and was restocking everything in prep for Monday when the thought just popped into my head. Why not head to Sulani on Saturday? It’s not like I would have to deal with traffic, given that I fly a broom. Get there in the morning, spend the day in the sun, maybe stay in a resort or a hotel for the night, come back Sunday. Easy. So that’s exactly what I did.


I didn’t want to wear myself too quickly so I took things slow. I hung out at a local bar throughout the morning, had a couple recommended drinks, listened to the locals as they swapped stories and found myself fascinated by some of the lore the elders spoke of. Everyone was so genuinely polite.


Then I popped down to a nearby lagoon and had a swim. The water was so clear and cool, my surroundings were jaw-dropping to say the very least, and I could feel the fins of brave fish tickling my legs as I swam. Almost like I was being welcomed by nature.


I checked out some beaches in the afternoon and a friendly local and his family taught me how to fish. I had never fished before. I did remember some of my potions required fish in their ingredients lists, which I remained mindful of.


Towards the evening I went back to the bar which also operated as a restaurant and had myself some dinner, sampling the delicacies native to the area. Such delicious food and drink, marvelous company, I could not have had a more wonderful time. Afterward, I visited the lagoon again, and had another swim. Pure bliss.


As I left the lagoon, I spotted the sun inching closer to the horizon, creating such amazing colors throughout the sky. I rushed to the nearest beach, full of fellow tourists, most of which were on their phones to my utter amazement. How could they not see what was happening right in front of them? I sat and watched in awe as the sun made its departure, the orange and pink hues transforming over to blue and purple, stars announcing themselves with their standard blinks. I stayed there long after everyone had left, marveling at the twinkling night sky. Eventually I made my way to the hotel.

I was sad to leave this morning, but I had to come home and get everything ready for the shop. I feel refreshed and ready for what lies ahead, because I’m starting to realize what I want, what I really want.

I want to move to Sulani.

 – Bridget


AN: Friday night, before Bridget takes her trip to Sulani, she is abducted by aliens. However, nothing comes of it. Had it been more eventful, I may have put it into the story. This was the first time I had had an alien abduction occur in The Sims 4, so I was excited and had to document it, even if it likely won’t be in the story!



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