For Love of Magic | A Visit

I got a cat.

“He’s the cutest little thing, all black with these yellow eyes that can almost stare into your soul and read your deepest thoughts. He showed up on my doorstep on All Hallow’s Eve, hungry and cold, and I took him in. I named him Shadow.”


“He made himself at home right away. I think I got everything he needs, or at least I hope I got everything. It didn’t take him long to get into a spot of trouble though. He was bitten by a squirrel, and having never had a pet before I was concerned, so I brought him into the local pet hospital to get checked out. They assured me he would be just fine.”


“We got back home just in time for the party to start. Yes, I did something sociable for once and threw a party. All Hallow’s Eve is the perfect excuse honestly. Simeon came, which I was thankful for. We were able to talk about Shadow, and he suspects that the cat is a familiar that chose me. Although I’ve learned about familiars, I have never personally experienced one. Simeon did mention that familiars only choose on All Hallow’s Eve. The timing is suspicious to be sure.”

FLOM 12.png


“I am taking better care of myself, by the way. Daily exercise, watching what I eat, all that jazz. I’ve also cut down my shop’s business days so I’m able to get everything done without completely exhausting myself. You’d be proud of me, I think.”


Bridget knelt, her bare knees resting on the cool, damp earth as she extended a hand, fingertips brushing a stray leaf off the top of her father’s tombstone. She inhaled sharply, feeling a sudden rush of tears and closed her eyes tightly, attempting to will them away, which worked on all but one, the lone tear hot against her cool skin as it ran down her cheek to her jaw and finally her chin, where it fell, disappearing into the brisk autumn air. She opened her eyes and sniffled, murmuring to the two marble stones softly.

“Ten years you’ve been gone, and it still feels like the day after.”

She frowned, gazing at the epitaphs that had no doubt been meticulously etched into the stone, feeling a slight breeze of cold air push against her form lightly, causing some of her hair to flutter into her face. Brushing it away, she straightened and stood, looking down and continuing.

“I miss you. Both of you. I hope I make you proud.”

She stood silently for another moment, head slightly tilted as she stared off, her imagination wandering elsewhere, memories from different times and places all rushing into her mind all at once. She closed her eyes, allowing it, savoring each memory, each remembrance of the faces and voices of her mother and father. Everything they had meant to her. Then, as suddenly as she had willed it, she closed her mind, shutting the rest out. She bowed her head towards the stones in farewell and turned, leaving the cemetery, not hearing the whisper of the wind as it breathed toward her departing shadow.

“Every day…..”

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