For Love of Magic | Something in Common

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Book of Shadows | Journal | Entry 2 | Friday | Fall | Year 1

All Hallow’s Eve is tomorrow and it’ll be one of the first days I’ve been able to relax since opening the store. I’m seriously thinking about altering my shop hours as I’ve been run so ragged these past weeks.

FLOM 2-2

As it stands right now, I come in at 8 and make sure everything is ready by 9 when I open. I close up at 5, restock, clean, and usually make it home around 9 or 10, with just enough time and energy to eat, watch the weather report, then go to bed. This is 7 days a week and I can tell it’s taking a toll. I feel myself getting bigger around the middle since I haven’t been exercising and have been eating like crap. I can barely keep up with the crops and the brewing. Something’s gotta give.

FLOM 2-3

I made a friend though. Simeon. He came into the shop one day, and I could tell just by looking at him that he wasn’t like the rest of them. I could feel the power radiating from him, and his knowledge was clear in his eyes. He knew magic like me. I tiptoed around the subject at first, on the chance that I was wrong about him, but I was right. He was like me. He had heard about the shop, and he had sensed the same about me upon seeing me.

FLOM 2-4

That same night we had a drink at a local dive. Not a date or anything, we just talked about magic, and it was so refreshing to be able to open up and discuss things I couldn’t talk about with anyone else. We spoke of our childhood, where we grew up (I grew up here, but he grew up in Sunset Valley), and how we came to realize our abilities. We talked about the shop, about potions. He’s not a brewer like me, though he appreciates the ability. And I hired him. He starts on Monday and we’re both excited about it.

FLOM 2 1

I think I’m going to just open the shop 3 days a week for the next couple months just to make sure I can catch up with demand, but I admit it’ll be nice to have someone else helping out around the shop, and it gives him the opportunity to learn about brewing. I think it’s a win-win for both of us. With as snobbish as this community can be, we could use each other for support.

FLOM 2-5

I don’t feel quite so alone anymore….

– Bridget


Author Note: Between the chapters, I moved Bridget into a new home that I recently built, as well as moved her potions shop to yet another recent build of mine. Both are CC/Mod/Cheat free, and you’re more than welcome to check them out!

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