Sunflower Stables | The Sims 4 Builds

Hey y’all! Have you heard of Fixer Upper? It’s an HGTV show with Chip and Joanna Gaines and it’s your standard fix up a home, but they’re actually a great couple and Chip is pretty funny. In any case, in one episode they essentially renovated a barn into a home. So I decided to do the same!

Welcome to Sunflower Stables, recently renovated former barn is now a luxurious two bedroom home with plenty of farmland, a flower shed, and greenhouse! The home also boasts a large kitchen w/island, lower level kitchen for snacks including popcorn and ice cream, separate large bar, and movie theater quality den!


This home turned out to be larger than I intended. Originally it was going to be the simple one floor, one bedroom and bath. However, I decided that the main floor should have a simple living room without TV and distractions, a place where people can simply talk. I added all the fun stuff downstairs in the basement, and I also situated a laundry area down there as well.

I wanted the property to be focused on gardening and farming, living off of the land, so the lot has traits Great Soil and Homey as well as Peace and Quiet. The home sells for around 100K which isn’t bad considering everything it has. It also has an empty greenhouse and well as a flower shed (flower arranging station and such). You can find this lot on The Sims 4 Gallery using my ID: ItsLuckyTV. I hope you enjoy the lot, it’s one of my absolute favorites! ❤

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