Winter Home | WIP

Hey guys! Given that winter and the holidays are coming up, I wanted to build a winter/Christmas type home. Originally it was supposed to be a cottage, but it’s quickly turning into a little bit more than that, and I figured I’d share some screenshots of the progress!


I wanted a loft space for the bedroom, so that has quickly changed the look of what I originally wanted. I wish that having a loft wouldn’t create a need for a full height second floor, but we can only do so much, right? Ideally, this home is going to be for a single sim or a couple, and nothing more. It’s meant to be “small” and intimate.


Since having a loft will make the house bigger and not so much a “cottage”, I figured I’d add on a back patio on the lower level, as well as a private balcony on the upper level.


I didn’t know what I wanted to do originally with the roof. Gable? Hipped? Then I decided to do the half gable and I made it glass, perfect for sleeping under the stars while maintaining proper shelter.


This house is currently being built on the Sporting Space lot in Brindleton Bay. The doors, railings and stairs outside are dark wood, the windows are a white/light wood. The siding, though a mid-colored wood in the photos, has become a lot darker, and I’ve finished up with much of the interior. I did all of this on stream last night, and you’re free to watch the VOD to see the process.

I’ll be finishing up the build off-stream today and will likely post when it’s uploaded!

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