Lupine Loft |The Sims 4 Builds

Hey y’all! So I started a winter/holiday type home on my stream last night, and if you didn’t see earlier’s post, I said I was gonna finish it off stream, which is exactly what I just did! The home is now up on the gallery and available for download! Here’s the deets!

Welcome to Lupine Loft, a home perfect for the romantic couple! The home features an open floor plan, fireplace, private balcony accessible from the loft bedroom, and a glass roof, allowing views of the sky by simply looking up!

The home sells for around 65K simoleons and was built on the Sporting Space lot in Brindleton Bay! I did add lot traits Romantic Aura, Natural Light, and On Ley Line. I don’t use any CC, mods, or cheats like MOO for placement to give everyone the opportunity to download and enjoy!

The home was originally supposed to be a small winter cottage, a log cabin type you could say. However, I wanted a loft bedroom, which given the nature of building in The Sims, made the “small winter cottage” look more difficult to achieve. So, I kept the loft and just went with it. I hope you enjoy the build!

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