Petunia’s Potions | The Sims 4 Builds

Hey guys! I just finished up a cute little potions shop build for The Sims 4 that I’ve named Petunia’s Potions, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Welcome to Petunia’s Potions! Named after Petunia (no relation to Lily), this quaint and cozy shop is perfect for the potion-perfecting entrepreneur! It has recently been renovated* and houses a back office that leads out to a private fenced back yard, suitable for growing ingredients!

*The shop is rumored to be haunted, but there’s no such thing as ghosts!

I’ve been wanting to build a potions shop since Realm of Magic was released, but I had been put off by the potions costing 0 simoleons and was thrilled when the latest patch rectified that issue! So I present this cute little potions shop, and I’ll tell you some more about it!

The space where the selling actually happens is small, but intimate. I didn’t want some hugely professional selling space. This is a small business shop, not a huge branded company. So there is good space for placing different potions, but there is also plenty of decor, mostly plant related, as potions – for the most part – are created from plants.

There is a small bathroom, just because in playing a potions shop, I ran into that with some sims needing to go. Same goes for your sim and any potential employees. At least one bathroom I felt was necessary. I put in the back office to give the business owner and their employees a space to take a break, as well as a place to get things done prior to opening as well as after closing. That office also leads out into a fenced backyard, with plenty of space to grow ingredients. There may also be enough room to have a cauldron for potion brewing as well!

For exterior, I wanted to make sure there was enough in the way of nature. So trees, plants, rocks, flowers, etc. There are also a couple of benches outside where sims can sit and relax. I also gave the lot the traits Bracing Breezes (good for exercising), Great Soil (perfect for gardening), and Haunted (for the obvious joke, and giving the lot an unusual quirk).

You can find Petunia’s Potions on the The Sims 4 Gallery (ID: ItsLuckyTV), and I hope you enjoy! ❤

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